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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System - BHE
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BHE’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (UAV) is a Reconnaissance system, that can follow a preprogrammed route while sending real time video signal and position information back to the ground control station.

The system can be effectively used by companies to patrol their distant premises or any type of network could it be electric wires, oil pipe-lines or towers. Due to the compact size (length: 1,5m / wing span: 3,15m) and intelligent software different government organizations and emergency services can also take advantage of this new innovation.

Main application areas:

• Security and maintenance control for companies
• Natural disaster monitoring such as earthquakes, fl ood and forest fi re
• Precision agriculture
• Wild life monitoring
• Border control
• Geodesy

The airplane is made using the latest fi ber composite technology and equipped with reliable onboard electronics. Several features such as fl exible route planning, adaptive communications and control mechanism are built in the system. And it has been designed to allow easy installation and operation keeping the operational cost down.

UAV specifi cations:
• Speed: 50 – 140 km/h
• Ceiling: min. 2000 m depending on confi guration
• Wing Span: 3.15 m
• Length: 1.5 m
• Take-off Weight: 7.5 kg
• Endurance: 1.5 hours
• Propulsion: electric brushless motor (1200W)
• Payload Weight: 3 kg

UAV features:
• Composite construction
• Easily transportable
• Ease of assembly and operation
• Launch/Recovery without special equipment
• Onboard fl ight data logging

• High resolution color camera
• 10x optical zoom
• Digital picture stabilization
• Thermal camera
user defi ned:
• Other equipment up to 2 kg

Autopilot features:
• 32 bit ARM core processor
• Flight route programming, up to 500 waypoints
• Real time route/fl ight parameter modifi cation via serial interface
• Autonomous onboard navigation
• Up to 10 preset fl ight maneuver in case of special fl ight events
• 3D flight control
• Up to 4 GB SD card for onboard flight data logging (black box function) Interfaces/Sensors
• Onboard Galileo-ready GPS module (4 Hz data period)
• Hi speed 3D inertial navigation sensor
• MEMS pressure sensors for airspeed and barometric altitude measurement
• 8 PWM servo output channel
• General purpose digital control outputs
• Serial port for communication for RF data modem
• RS 485 interface eg. for camera control

Configuration interface
• User friendly GUI
• Categorized view for different types of functions
• Special mixing function for control surfaces (eg. Aileron differential, butterfl y for landing, rudder to aileron for coordinated turning)
• USB / serial data link interface between PC and autopilot
• Multi language support
• Intelligent parameter checking function Context sensitive help (basic function description popup menus)


Ground Control Software

• User friendly GUI with displayed main flight parameters such as speed, altitude, horizon, status of battery, wind map, navigation data and video
• Easy to use
• User defined chart or satellite photo for mission tracking
• Easy route planning up to 500 waypoints
• Capability of real time mission modification
• Video capturing and flight route and data logging, storing, playback
• Further analysis of mission data


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